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Jun 3, 2019
Aug 27, 2008
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Sep 29, 1990 (Age: 29)

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Full Access Member, 29, from florida

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Jun 3, 2019
    1. Ilovejunk
      pm inbox is full, let me know when you get some messages cleared out and i'll send you my phone number.
    2. boostedls87
      I tired sending you my phone number but your inbox is full

    3. Jaymcc1
      Do you still have an extra thermostat housing for a 7.3 idi turbo. If so how much and would you be willing to ship it to michigan
    4. dyoung14
      pm me when you clear your pm's
    5. Wyreth
      Hey, your inbox is full. Tried to poke you again about the Doug Nash box.

      Ever find it?
    6. ah1988ford
    7. Exekiel69
      Hey Billy how are You doing? How is that cummins going, like it better than the IDI yet?

      I would still like to get that 05 driveshaft and CV from You, I'm also looking for a good 1350 yoke for a Sterling 10.25, the one on MY 93 has a little play and I'd like to have a replacement for the time when I put 3.55 gears on it.

      Please let Me know if You have this, I'd like to order the flange for it and I need the driveshaft for measuring when I do.

      Thanks, EZ.
    8. ozie_andrew
      hi i was wondering if you still have the 727 gear vendors adaptor?
      cheers andrew
    9. fast70
      Some one told me you were selling a Turbo kit
    10. oldblue05
      Your PM folder is full so I'll just post here for now:

      Black ones, I need both sides. If you could include all the switches and lights that would be great. I basically need everything that wires plug into in the back along with the pieces.
    11. snaponprofile
      Because you are supposedly a hoarder:D Would you happen to have a 093 turbo hat.
    12. My9373
      Ok, turned on my PM, what do you have? i'm looking for a ton of stuff right now haha
    13. mabc926
      I'll take some pics for ya once it's all back together.
      Hey, I was trying to contact you about the parts you have listed on the FTE site. I don't know why it won't go through, probably because I just re-registered.
      Anyways, I need several parts from the 1991-1994 pile.
      Fuel Senders for front tank and maybe the Rear as well
      Fuel Filler Necks (on body end)
      Turbo Harmonic Balancer
      Oil Pump Pickup
      Turbo Rods
      Turbo Fan & Fan Clutch
      I wish list
      Turbo Block & Heads
      Maybe more...
      So if you would...
      You can E-mail me at THECACKLER at Gmail.com
      I'm in Houston, TX 77018
    15. gonecrazyi
      Ill have to measure it, but its the same as the radiator I have in my 89 f250. I think that the early trucks came with different radaitors when they didnt have ac but Ill have to check.
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    Sep 29, 1990 (Age: 29)
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    1989 F250 supercab 4X4, 4.10's , 180,000 miles, ran great till the 7.3 died, NOW Sporting an 86 6.9, Dana 60 front, hydroboost conversion, 38 gal rear tank, zf5 baby moose, factory ats turbo, 38.5 michelin xmls, F450 front springs with a total of 5-6inches of lift. - beyond driving at the moment.

    1990 ford ranger, boring old 4 banger, now 4x4 with 35s and 7 inches of lift. Brothers now with a 302

    2001 Vw Jetta tdi. 145k getting around 48-50mpgs

    87 f350 cc 2wd 6.9 - possible project - sold to biggin92

    90 f350 cab n chassis 4x4 dually 7.3, e4od with 100k (best $950 Ive ever spent) - sold

    92 f350 cc dually 9ft flatbed with 093 ats turbo, full guage set, 210k. (latest addition, may become my new driver) - sold to my brother

    91 dodge w350. 727, 3.08 gears, 8 inches of lift on 38x15.5x16.5 parnelli dirt grips, great mpgs and plenty of power

    "Old enough to know better, young enough to just not care!"
    "A good decision is the top answer on a list of bad ones."