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Feb 1, 2017
Mar 29, 2011
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HAMMER DOWN!, from Fowlerville Michigan

'94IDITurbo7.3 was last seen:
Feb 1, 2017
    1. 86gtplumber
      Hi my name is Brad and would like to onow if you still have the bumper cover anr headr panel? Or qny other parts for that car. Thanks
    2. dakotajeep
      I never did. The truck is rolling but the brakes seem to need bleeding bad. Been super busy.
    3. amishtrucker
      thank you eric for your reply.
      [email protected]

      i have found 2 problems.
      1. the lever that works the 'metering valve' on the IP is sticky, and when the fuel shutoff solenoid springs off, the valve is not able to open due to the stickiness of the lever.
      2. air in the system. i have a clear return line #1 from the IP and while running it is full of air, not sure where it is coming from?
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    Eric S.
    1994 F-250 Factory Turbo
    ARP, R&D IDI, Diamond Eye, Typ4, Glowshift, Sunpro, Bilstein, MBRP

    "Everybody chill the **** out........turbo hasn't spooled yet"