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W.A.S.P: Trail of Tears - YouTube

This is the 7th track from the album DYING FOR THE WORLD from W.A.S.P inspired by the Cherokee march of the XIX century, when they all had to move to Oklahoma.

FORDF250HDXLT, May 24, 2017
      "Lyrically though it was inspired by one of the greatest atrocities the U.S government ever made to happen. After the great American Indian Nations were enslaved and exiled onto reservations and interment camps (basically prison camps) the majority of the Cherokee Nation were made to march on foot, under guard by the United States army, from the South East of the United States to Oklahoma. With little food and drinkable water and no medical attention, over 4,000 died resulting from the march that took ten months. That march would be named 'Trail Of Tears'. The translation in native Cherokee language is "The Trail of Tears they cried". Another 5,000 would die in the prison camps awaiting removal to Oklahoma but never made the "trail".

      It's ironic that I seem to be born of two fathers. One with a dedication to the United States where I live but to my American Indian Heritage as well.

      At times there is definite conflict in me because I love them both. I can't change the past so I try to understand that I am a product of both worlds. If it sounds difficult, you're right!!!"

      - Blackie Lawless

      "Trail Of Tears"

      There's a thousand voices in my head
      Long ago
      Come inside, see yourself tonight
      Let me in, floating in the wind
      Oh, I don't know
      The sounds you hear
      Are silent in the night

      Take me down to the trail of tears
      Where tomorrow never knows
      A resurrection closer to a
      Light I've never known
      Play the game existence to the
      Living end I go
      Take me down to the trail of tears
      Where tomorrow never knows

      The lost road of destiny
      I ride away home
      Head to lay on velvet nails tonight
      And will I lay down to close my eyes
      Oh, I don't know
      Spirit wind with broken wings to fly away home

      [Repeat chorus]

      My feet are raw from the
      Trail where I've been
      Oh God these tears are evermore
      My heart is gone
      Oh to never come again
      I'll walk the stars
      On my way home

      [Repeat chorus]


      R.I.P. To our fellow Americans who lost their life's on the trail.May they live forever in our hearts.

      Trail Of Tears National Historic Trail (U.S. National Park Service)
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