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  1. aggiediesel01
    This is a closeup of the OE turbine piston ring.
  2. aggiediesel01
    Once the compressor housing backing plate is removed, it's just a gentle push or tap to push the turbine shaft and turbine out of the housing.
  3. aggiediesel01
    These first 9 pictures are of the condition I started with. Not too dirty but not great either.
  4. aggiediesel01
    There was never any contact of the old wheel to the housing but compared to the new one, you can see how much has been worn away from bad filters or just lots of miles. The new one is an OE...
  5. aggiediesel01
    @typ4 I did and I assumed that they meant they were slightly undersized kind of like STD+ engine bearings and during assembly at the factory the assembler is given an assortment and told to select...

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