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Travel - With Native American History

All Pic's Taken By Myself

FORDF250HDXLT, Dec 23, 2016
      Come explore America with me!
      You don't need to spend big money to have big fun!​

      Here are some of my visits.I hope you enjoy.There will be many more to come over the years.I'll try and find a bit of info about the first peoples and how they lived in each location.This isn't because I feel my ancestors are of more importance,it's just that my people as a whole,have been pushed to the side and forgotten.A reminder and a tribute to those who used to live here (and the few % of us who still do) for thousands of years,is the least I can do.

      Traveling,camping and hiking are very important to me,as the hustle and bustle of life can get very stressful.We all need to get away from time to time.
      How can I afford to travel and see so much,you may wonder? It's not because I'm very wealthy.Firstly,my self employment work is seasonal and there isn't much call for work for the first quarter of every year.Secondly,I'm single with no family to support.Back in my twenties when I was married,I didn't have any children either,so there is no child support nor a collage fund to save for.Lastly,I travel very,very light and cheap with a 4 cyl car and a tent.To top it off,most of the things I enjoy doing,don't cost money at all,like hiking for example and a national park pass is under $100 for a year.I don't live nor vacation in luxury.This means I can see a lot without shelling out big bucks to do it,like say someone who could in retirement.

      I hope my walk through life helps you to find a deeper appreciation for our great mother earth and I hope you pass this appreciation on to your children and teach them to pass it to theirs.If I succeed in doing this for even just one parent of a child,I will have accomplished an achievement far grater than any amount of fame or riches.

      "Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."

      -Ancient Indian Proverb

      We are stewards of an irreplaceable environment.This is an awesome task as well as a precious gift.

      -President Jimmy Carter

      Like most Native American beliefs, the Mi'kmaq traditional spirituality is animistic. This does not mean that we worship animals - the term 'animism' means that we recognize and acknowledge the living spirit within all things. As one would expect, this encompasses the entire animal kingdom, but we also acknowledge the spirit within plants, and within the rocks and waters of our world. We also do not 'worship' these things. Instead, we recognize that their spirits and our own are akin to each other, and we treat these spirits with the same respect we wish for ourselves. As in many Native American traditions, this respect is expressed verbally with the phrase "All My Relations," which acknowledges our connection with all things around us. In Mi'kmawi'simk, this translates as Msit No'kmaq ("Mm-sit Noh-goh-mah") which is one of the most meaningful phrases in the language.
      Native spirituality demands that we recognize our place in the world around us, and never forget that we are surrounded by other beings who were created by the same supreme being that created us, and are just as deserving of life as we are.

      Mi'kmaw Culture - Spirituality - Mi'kmaq Spirit
      America’s national parks are as unique and varied as the people who visit them. They are places where people find their serenity, their moments, and their adventures. What’s your park? Time to find out.

      Find Your Park

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