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Factory Turbo/ATS 093 Rebuild

Pics describing the rebuild of a Factory Turbo

aggiediesel01, Feb 13, 2020
    • typ4
      Did you notice those -1 marks on bushings? Usually a standard set makes it very loose. My supplier says -1's are not available.
    • aggiediesel01
      @typ4 I did and I assumed that they meant they were slightly undersized kind of like STD+ engine bearings and during assembly at the factory the assembler is given an assortment and told to select bearings based on fit. I could not measure any difference with my dial calipers and I don't have a bore gauge that small so that's the best I could do for measuring. I measured the OD with a micrometer and it was ever so slightly different than the new. With it all together with assembly lube there is almost no noticeable play side to side. Any suggestions for something to do differently?
    • aggiediesel01
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