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  1. ReeferMadness
  2. turbonator
    hanging out, burning up gm diesels...LOL
  3. kubotaorange76
    i got mine fixed, thank you though
  4. crabbypaul
    crabbypaul kubotaorange76
    Are you looking for a T-19 transmission
  5. KGIA103
    1986 F250
  6. Sewer Dude
    Sewer Dude
    Ain't life grand?
  7. BrandonMag
    BrandonMag ocnorb

    I was browsing around some old threads and came across your DT-466 build. Did you get going on it again?

  8. rempfer
    rempfer Thewespaul
  9. Rossroams
    1987 F250 4x4 with a 6.9idi and a 5spd. Factory turbo and tuff country 2" lift installed(new springs).
  10. sailorman524
    91 F250 4X4 Elec. pump and 3G powered.
  11. 87dieselbeast
    hello burners thank you for all the information and tips its made my rig better 1986 e350 cutaway with camper box 6.9 c6 nv271 dana 70-2u
  12. 87dieselbeast
    hello burners
  13. SD94
    If I’m awake at 4:00 AM they should be too
  14. BajaJeeper
    BajaJeeper icanfixall
    Hey there, I'm back. did you miss me? I sold my old idi back in 08. I'm considering buying a 05 6.0 and trying to do some research on it. So far they look quite intimidating and expensive to maintain.
  15. pcwizzy16
    pcwizzy16 VanDiesel
    Another Oregonian! Nice!