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  1. Gustavo Silveira
    Gustavo Silveira dgr
    I got new
    8 reman rods
    New oil pump
    New pistons and rings
  2. Gustavo Silveira
    Gustavo Silveira dgr
    Im rebuilding a 7.3 idi turbo what do you recomend to update or replace i bought it with a broken crankshaft and 2 bent rods
  3. MKEngineer
    Newbie wrenching on an '87 F250 Custom
  4. Psolver
    Psolver Mr Clickety Clackety
  5. Mr Clickety Clackety
    Mr Clickety Clackety Psolver
    Tried to send you a pm but it didn't work.

    Thanks for the interest in my parts truck. I removed a few connectors from the engine harness. also removed a bunch of brackets from the engine. I plan to remove the manual transmission and transfer case this weekend.

    It's pretty much a clean rolling chassis with a 6.9 long block. Interior complete minus the bench
  6. Diesel Newbie
    Diesel Newbie
    Replacing 6.9 fuel return lines, can I save work by loosening steel injector lines at tops of injectors only or must I take 8 line assy out?
  7. gonecrazyi
    gonecrazyi tallrpaul
    Still interested in this hydroboost?
    1. tallrpaul
      Yes I am
      Aug 12, 2017
  8. Diesel Newbie
    Diesel Newbie
    Resurrecting a little-used 1983 F350 6.9 w/Banks turbo; replacing the fuel return lines.
  9. raydav
  10. TurboDiesel5
    TurboDiesel5 crashhawk
    Hey man, what did you want for your truck? The guys in the forums are brutal... Let know! Thanks!
  11. John Greding
    John Greding
    88 Ford Steering post runs hot
  12. John Greding
    John Greding
    Best truck ever made
  13. John Greding
    John Greding
    John Greding
  14. John Greding
    John Greding
    Move more air through engin compartment to cool off staring column
  15. HotFootHank
    HotFootHank pontoonrob
    Hey Rob.
    I think this is how to pm you...
    I'm Interested In how you got a cooler to work on the zf5.
    I'm not a troll. just a guy who like to tow.
    I hope all is well with you.