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New Profile Posts

  1. Barking_Satan
    Barkin' Like the Devil...
  2. Ironmule
    Hello What a great wealth of info here. I Have a 89 f350 ex cab 2wd dump 7.3 zf5.
  3. Rix_IV
    Just a guy trying to revive my great-grandfathers '84 6.9 IDI!
  4. wthompson01
    Wes Thompson
  5. Sidekick77
    Long time visitor, I appreciate the wealth of information available on this site. I figured it was time to join. Ken
  6. DeputyWilson
    94 IDI Turbo CCLB 5 speed- about 70k miles
  7. bigdummy
    1994 F350 CC LB 4x4 7.3idi Banks
  8. Tomteriffic
    Where is the fuel injection pump located on a 1984 F-250 6.9 diesel
  9. Story big blue
  10. Premium Emblem
    Premium Emblem
    We are a leader in designing custom emblems, badges, and nameplates made with plastic, stainless steel, zinc, and aluminum.
  11. funguy
    funguy HighKoot
    Hi i foud your service for dinamic timing, im cured traveling and change my pump recently, are you stills available for that at the end of the mont?
  12. PNWTrucker
    1990 Ford F-250 Diesel King Cab 4X4
  13. UnsureFox
    1992 F-350 7.3L IDI CC LB DRW
  14. Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Tyrannosaurus Rex Dregs Garage
    Just saw your video on brass caps for the 7.3. Would be interested in a set, but I can't seem to find a link to product. Let me know what you have and cost. Keep warm up there.
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  15. Story big blue
    Story big blue GOOSE
    Hi I am looking for a truck like yours if you know of anything I appreciate a post