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  1. papadiesel
  2. dieselman21585
    My apologies for being absent, I've been busy
  3. SilverSerpent
    SilverSerpent RLDSL
    Hey RLDSL, are you still around? How did the E-Fans work out?
  4. medwards29
    2011 GMC Sierra 2500 HD SLT
  5. Brandon Crislip
    Brandon Crislip snicklas
    Hi I am curious if there is a best rebuild walkthrough
  6. leftcoastjeff
    Sitting on the edge
  7. Zephyr
    Zephyr icanfixall
    I saw in a past thread that you had extra stock of the IDI valley pan drain plugs located near the turbo grommet. Do you still have any, if so what is the cost? I am working on one that has had a brass plug to replace the correct plug.

    Secondly are you still doing timing meter rental?

  8. Blue94
    Blue94 penguinjohn
    Is the ATS093 kit still for sale?
  9. Laurence Mapes II
    Laurence Mapes II cpdenton
    Still have that flex plate?
  10. Laurence Mapes II
    Laurence Mapes II Shawn MacAnanny
    Do u still have the idi turbo flex plate?
  11. Laurence Mapes II
    Laurence Mapes II tjsea
    Do u still have the factory 7.3 idi turbo flex plate?
  12. jonnyquest
    jonnyquest Dieselpowerking
    Hi there, I have been reading your post about maybe getting a turbo on your IDI. Your in luck, My IDI has worn out and i have a complete bolt on from turbo,pedestal,crossover,down pipe and air filter housing. If your interested please get back in touch with me here and I will send photos. I live in florida so I don't know what freight would be but I would give you a fair price on these parts if interested.
  13. tonyj54
    Very happy with our life. Very good health, according to my last doctor visit. Live just off a canal feeding into a Central Florida lake.
  14. Turbo idi Mike
    Turbo idi Mike Thewespaul
    Ok yes I am interested in the 5 idi turbo connecting rods shipped for 100.00. Do you take paypal? Thanks
  15. los182
    los182 Koch13351
    Nice, I'm curious cause I've thought about taking my off road to camp offgrid off a trail. But, I'm constantly second guessing the idea, in fear that the truck may be too big or may not be able to handle a trail.