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  1. Zephyr
    Zephyr icanfixall
    Hi, I'm just checking to see if you have had any luck fixing timing meters. I'm looking for one to set my timing in Colorado. I did see a few shops in the timing registry thread. Thanks, Curt
  2. Rovers088
    Rovers088 spg
    Hi i came across a posting where you mentioned a manual valve body for a c6, id love a little more info on that. thank you
  3. Ryan_
    Ryan_ m67tang
    Is the ats turbo kit avalible? Saw it on ebay and i was gunna buy it, but the post ended..
  4. Jesse David Amlin
    Jesse David Amlin
    Thumb in nose. One of em anyway.
  5. Chad241993
    looking to get rid of a bunch of parts from an 86 idi. Mostly body parts and misc. others.
  6. OkieTXHick
    OkieTXHick Thewespaul
    Where are ya at? I would be willing to look into your setup. I could get you some money to if needed.
  7. OkieTXHick
    Working on everything!
  8. Rattrap32
    It blew up installing a 6.9 idi in place of 5.8 don't laugh but... I already have a 6.9idi with a zf5. So here I dive a** up head in .....
  9. Pork_Chop50
    Pork_Chop50 icanfixall
    What brand/type of timing meters do you have for the "rental fleet"? There is a tool sale coming up and if I can get a decent timing meter reasonable I will be purchasing.
  10. MMeier
  11. Pino2234
    Pino2234 IDIDieselJohn
    Hey Jon, how is it working on your IDI vans? I am contemplating a e-series IDI or a 6.5 suburban. After reading some of your posts, I am not sure I want to get into working on a diesel in a van. I need a 3 row vehicle for the family.
  12. notenuftime
    Replacing stuff weekly.
  13. Mr Clickety Clackety
    Mr Clickety Clackety hesutton
    I was wondering if you could shoot me a picture or two of that beautiful radiator of yours. Much appreciated.
    1. hesutton
      Apr 12, 2017
  14. Kiwif150
    F150 owner looking to add an IDI
  15. Fordfan90
    I have 1990 f250 7.3 idi N/A with 5 speed manual transmission.