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  1. Tumbleweed210
    Tumbleweed210 hce
    Hello from Texas!
    I perchance stumbled across a thread about sleeving an idi motor, from 2015...in which you'd posted a comment about a rebuilder in your area that"...recommended sleeving all eight cylinders...no come-backs.", or something like that.

    Question: Inquiring Minds would like to know, what kinda (generally) COST does that add to a rebuilt engine? Is that Machinist still in business?
    1. hce
      1530 miles from Waco texas, and he does not do mail order. I could not imagine machine work done that far away, just to find out that some unforeseen aspect was missed and needs more work. My guess is $800 to $1200 to sleeve a block.
      Aug 22, 2019 at 9:53 PM
  2. firehonomichl
    firehonomichl Thewespaul
    Hey bud quick question for ya. I found an old 6.9 I think it’s in about an 85 ish truck it has a turbo on it would that kit bolt on to my 89 7.3?
  3. jetfly12
  4. Maxwell wall
    Maxwell wall Diesel JD
    I’ve got a 7.3 idi had a lot of water in the fuel system when I got the truck. Got that cleared up and still had a miss around 1500rpm lots blue smoke so I figured bad injector so changed all and still have the miss and a lot of blue smoke. Any ideas
  5. rl_tn
    Ack.. just set up a new account as "Rich Lee" since the forums haven't let me reset my PW for a couple years now. IT JUST NOW WORKED!!!
  6. 84 4x4
    84 4x4 Thewespaul
    Hi, looking to add an ATS to 84 6.9. Do you have a bolt on used kit? If so, how much? [email protected]
  7. BrassBandit
    BrassBandit Thewespaul
    Hi there, I was wondering if you could email me at [email protected] I'm looking to do a pump, turbo, and injectors and add an intercooler. Just wondering if you could put together a quote for me, I want to hit 300 rwhp or somewhere close
  8. Tumbleweed210
    93 F Super Duty 7.3 IDIT, new Zd-9's, Factory Turbo w/ Type4 redo, VDO Boost and Hewitt pyro...and plans for the Dana 80, DMF, etc.
  9. Tumbleweed210
    In the wind...again.
  10. Selahdoor
    How can I help you or make you laugh today?
  11. Big Red Beast
  12. Drtimm2
    Interior Alaska
  13. opusd2
    Just working
  14. pastorjeep
    pastorjeep DavidS
    Give me a call, I would love to connect with a fellow IDI'er in the area. My cell is 252-287-7420 and office 252-357-5300.
  15. LoveMyIDI
    93' F350 7.3 IDI Turbo XLT dually extended cab long bed special ordered all trailers tow-packages with adjustable airbag suspension.