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  1. Rigby76
    1995 7.3 PS
  2. Kyle Blair
    Kyle Blair Thewespaul
    1994 f super duty with VIN number f, bought one flywheel conversion kit and it was wrong,Would you know somebody who has a used single Mass flywheel that will fit it and I just buy the clutch kit?If I could get the full conversion kit which kit do I need? On the back of the motor it has 10 holes, and they measure I want to say 3 and 3/4 center to center.
  3. Laine D
    Laine D
    How do I start a thread
  4. rubberfish
    rubberfish snicklas
    I don't currently see the refinery. How do we change that? And is there a PM button somewhere I'm not seeing?
  5. 8gitmusik1
    Enjoying spring time in South Georgia, 2nd best time of the year, fall being the 1st. Cool, decent weather and no gnats...yet, lol
  6. Brighammer
    Got my MazdaBishi on the road... What's next?
  7. rubberfish
    rubberfish riotwarrior
    Happy belated birthday Al. :) How ya been?
  8. Thoma156
    Thoma156 icanfixall
    I'm looking for help getting a 92' 7.3 timed. I'm in the Portland area and don't mind driving to any state bordering Oregon if I have to. Anyone have a meter or know where I can go?
  9. MrStretch
    1 to drive while I work on the other one. Joking/not joking.
  10. OldManNeil
    OldManNeil MrStretch
    Ha, you need a second crew cab 4x4? I totally get it!
  11. OldManNeil
    OldManNeil MrStretch
    Do you mean you shouldn't admit to paying $6k because that's so high? That seems pretty cheap for a decent 1 ton truck assuming no rust, runs well etc.
    1. MrStretch
      Ha. That was a half joke. People say they won’t pay more than 7k for any idi so 6k for a N/A seems like a lot. It wasn’t perfect but seemed like quite a bit of truck for the money. The truck you describe is exactly what I would want. I’m actually contemplating trying to find one just like that for a second truck.
      Feb 28, 2019
  12. OldManNeil
    OldManNeil Jake60
    Sorry never saw your response. Did you end up getting your truck?
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    2. Jake60
      Thanks, fingers crossed it looks that good up close. I'm pretty sure that's just chrome wheel simulator hubcaps over the hubs and the locks us underneath.
      Feb 28, 2019
    3. Jake60
      I love me some craigslist, paid $2500 for a '06 F350, and got the one in this thread $10k along with an '06 5th wheel, but I wanted just ONE that started out nice from the gitgo all original.
      Feb 28, 2019
    4. Jake60
  13. geneb2kool
    Currently broke down Imperial Dam LTVA
  14. ShakyJ31
    ShakyJ31 Thewespaul
    Hi Wes - I'm in Austin. 94 f250 IDIT. Having some rear end probs. Do you rebuild? I'm getting tired of mechanics who don't know much about working on this truck. Thanks - J
  15. OldManNeil
    OldManNeil Jake60
    What are the specs of the idi you’re trying to buy tomorrow? How much you willing to pay?

    I’m curious. In the used car game patience is probably ALWAYS going to work in your favor, but if you’re trying to get a truck for 5-7k you’re gonna have to pick something that’s less than perfect.

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    3. Jake60
      I'm breaking all my rules buying this, everything I own up to this is a Craigslist special that I've brought or am in the process of bringing back to life. I'm buying this sight unseen (I got detailed pics) from a dealer for retail cost and having it shipped, but I think it's the only way to get what I want, which mainly is something with an IDI and zf5 that is rust free in pristine original condition.
      Feb 24, 2019
    4. Jake60
      I'm in Jersey, every ad here the truck has a plow hitch or an actual plow on it, this truck is from Orlando, a land that never sees salt unless it's on a margarita. Basically I'm rolling the bones, I've scoured the non-salty parts of the country and this is the best I've found.
      Feb 24, 2019
    5. Jake60
      I can't afford to be flying around looking at this and that here & there AND buying the truck, so going on the dealers word (ha) and the detailed pics and crossed paws that it's what I hope for. At the very least it's gonna be pretty damn nice :D
      Feb 24, 2019