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  1. OBSCrewcabGrant
  2. Rdnck84_03
  3. Big Daddy John
    Big Daddy John trackspeeder
    Trackspeeder, I’m currently going through my E4OD out of my 93 f250 4x4. Do you mind entertaining a few questions as I go through this process?
  4. Kyle Blair
  5. Jesse808
    Jesse808 icanfixall
    Hey I have a pretty big diesel fuel leak around the lower part of my 7.3 idi diesel on the passenger side! I just recently replaced all my fuel injector lines and return lines so I was possibly thinking lift pump??
  6. Jesse808
    Hi I have a 1990 f250 7.3 idi I just recently repl
  7. Kyle Blair
    Kyle Blair
    1994 7.3 turbo non stroke,engine momentarily dies and then picks back up,almost a hard studder,any thoughts?
  8. reset2
    reset2 chillman88
    Thanks for the link. Guess you are better at actually reading the post. At least now as people go to the original site your link is there.
    1. chillman88
      I didn't read the post again, I had just seen that thread earlier! I'm sure someone will update the sticky though.
      Jan 5, 2019
  9. vincent deluca
    vincent deluca Darrin Tosh
    do you still have the f350 crew cab running boards in fiberglass
  10. Stoneridi
    Stoneridi Thewespaul
    Hey sir do you have a web site where you sell pumps? I wanna do a pump and injectors since everything is still stock and it has the turbo now. Need your recommendation. Just gonna be a driver. Also are you the guy that builds the moose pumps? Dang I feel like such a newbie
  11. fjkontur
    83 yr old still kicking, really enjoy forums. have six 83 thru 89 idi s . looking for info on e4od info of any kind.
  12. GBuch
    GBuch tjsea
    Hey you said you have have had one of the dne2 apart, and may have a picture of timing? My gears were all removed and don’t know how important it is to go back to same spot.
    1. tjsea likes this.
  13. kcdigiacomo
    Looking for a reputable diesel shop in WA ST. Does anyone have suggestion? Need to have fuel system worked on before making trip across US.
  14. Big Daddy John
    Big Daddy John
    The most fun you’ll ever have going slow!
  15. Big Daddy John
    Big Daddy John towtruckdave
    Hey Dave, riphip recommended I talk to you about running wmo in my 93 f250 7.3T. Said you had run it for quite awhile. Hoping you might give me some wise advice and suggestions!