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Thread: Intercooler Silicone Boots

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    Default Intercooler Silicone Boots

    Getting ready to order the silicone boots and misc. pieces to start fabbing up the tubing for my intercooler setup and have a quick question:

    I keep reading that running a 90 degree silicone boot is a bad thing - leaves a lot of the boot left unsupported to blow up like a balloon and fail. But this information comes from people who are running much more boost than the 10 or so pounds my IDI will put out. It would make the job much easier if I could just run a 90 degree boot for the in/out connection on the intercooler than if I were to run straight boots and put a 90 in the tubing.

    Anyone out there successful running these?


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    I believe any boot we use will not balloon up. We are not running enough boost for that. What I have seen posted that keeps the boots on the pipes better is to spray some hair spray on the boots on the inside. That acts like a glue that holds better to the pipes and it seals any oil leaks from the CDR valve mess we deal with.

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    If your worried about it spring for an expensive reinforced boot, but I think with the about of PSI we are talking here we wont be popping any boots open

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    I dunno if it would work or NOT? but maybe this over the silicone boot to help prevent expansion?

    I am an Amsoil Dealer ask me for details....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bike-maker View Post
    I keep reading that running a 90 degree silicone boot is a bad thing - leaves a lot of the boot left unsupported to blow up like a balloon and fail. But this information comes from people who are running much more boost than the 10 or so pounds my IDI will put out. It would make the job much easier if I could just run a 90 degree boot for the in/out connection on the intercooler than if I were to run straight boots and put a 90 in the tubing.
    Those guys are probably running 30+ lbs of boost. If you're concerned about your set-up, just get a 4-ply 90* connector and you'll be fine. 10 psi can't hurt anything over a 3-ply.

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    This should give you an idea of the working pressure. No need to worry about bursting, you'll never reach that pressure.

    Genuine 4-ply Silicone (5 silicone layers plus 4 reinforcement layers = 9 total layers!)
    Installer can cut silicone parts down to fit with a razor
    Heat tolerance: -40 to 392 Fahrenheit
    Burst Pressure: 200 PSI
    Working Pressure: 50 PSI
    Wall Size: 4 mm - 5 mm
    Compatible with antifreeze/coolant

    PRICE: $16.99

    Hair spray. Thats what I use when I have to remove the intercooler piping on my PSD, works like a glue, never had any slip off. I also use the hair spray on head gaskets, learned that from a race engine builder years ago. Any spray will do, the fragerance is your choice.
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    Any good silicon hose will not burst. A poorly made cheap one could fail just by sneezing on it, but in all my turbo cars it has never been a problem, even when I had a blowoff vavle stick closed. I could only imagine how much pressure was created when 18psi had no where to go when the throttle body closed.

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    Use them. It'll be fine at that pressure.

    I used plumbing repair rubber elbows for quite a while running 5-8 psi boost. Actually worked fairly well although it did blow out fairly often. Lots of duct tape holding things together....

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    For what its worth, my ATS intercooler kit uses a 90 fitting right off the turbo into the intercooler piping. It's what ATS supplied in the kit, and I've not had any issues with it at all. As others have said, if you have a flare in the piping and a little hairspray, they stay in place just fine. I've also had good luck with T-Bolt hose clamps rather than worm drive clamps on the higher pressure applications. (I run 25psi through my Supra and those clamps hold the piping together easily).

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