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  1. Cruiseomatic
    Cruiseomatic towcat
    Whos the girl in your avatar? Your daughter?
    1. towcat
      Mar 30, 2017 at 12:00 PM
    FORDF250HDXLT 79jasper
    How nervous should we be about a twister watch level of 4? Should I be like,oh it probably wont be much or should I be like,I better keep my shoes on and be ready to hop in the bathtub and start praying? lol I gotta admit,I really don't like this.I wanna go home! Damn these twister warnings and rattlesnakes!:D
  3. 89SMOKEDOUT89
  4. fjkontur
    what tools required to time 6.9 diesel and also procedure
  5. Pork_Chop50
    Pork_Chop50 hesutton
    I thought I stumbled upon a thread where you mentioned having installed South Bends 13" clutch upgrade and now I cannot find the thread to reference. Is that correct that you have used a 13", or did I misread and it's only been a 12" ?
    1. hesutton
      Yeah, It's a 13 inch South Bend unit.

      Mar 22, 2017
    2. Pork_Chop50
      What is your personal opinion of the 13"? I am considering doing a manual swap and the South bend is my first preference. Apologies if this is not the proper way to ask also, I couldn't find how to private message.
      Mar 22, 2017
  6. Macrobb
    Macrobb icanfixall
    Hey, you asked me to PM you about connecting rods. I created a 'conversation' with you... is that what you do on this forum to PM someone?
  7. Mr Clickety Clackety
    Mr Clickety Clackety icanfixall
    How do I send a private message? Pm
  8. michaeldm34
    Just another Dynoburner
  9. Harold
    Harold riotwarrior
    Injector lines. Heard through the grapevine you mite have one or two for sale.
    88 f250 7.3idi
  10. shawn deere
    shawn deere
    Annd now the clutch slips.....
  11. shawn deere
    shawn deere
    Its alive!! Hopefully leaks less... runs damn good now though
  12. Drseemore
    First time idi owner
  13. rotarydragon
    I'm not trying to be difficult. It really requires no effort at all.
  14. AcIdBuRn02ZTS
    AcIdBuRn02ZTS freebird01
    Hey bud... do you run Terrapin? If so... I ordered a plate a few weeks back but haven't heard anything or received anything since paying for it. I tried e-mailing through the website but never heard anything back from that either... Just wanting to know when I could expect my plate.

  15. 3Kp
    3Kp hesutton
    Haven't been on here for some time is there not a way to PM anymore. I would like to talk about your engine.

    Thank you