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  1. schaan
  2. SebastIDIan
  3. wes w
    wes w BIRDMAN
    Please delete my account, I am unable to find the location to do this myself. I registered years ago and no longer have a diesel pick-up.
    Thank you.
  4. Keller Westover
    Keller Westover
    Im currently wondering about lowering my compression in hopes of running more like a turbo diesel can anyone explain whats is involved
  5. Keller Westover
    Keller Westover
    As you can see im new around here and wanting to connect with my fellow idi finatics
  6. Damian103073
    Looking for someone to time my IDI - Houston area.
  7. Bigbirdtrucker
    Putting her in the wind
  8. shawn deere
    shawn deere
    Rolled under the idi. Soo. Much. Oil. And fuel.
  9. compressionignitionrules
  10. shawn deere
    shawn deere
    just bought a 1990 factory turbo 7.3 idi
  11. Mechanicfingers
    7.3 idi f250 2wd 1992
    1. Mechanicfingers
      Going take pictures of transmission and gear vendor setup . maybe get some advice on what I have. Just bought truck not sure what transmission I have.
      Dec 25, 2016
    FORDF250HDXLT 79jasper
    hey cool.just in case your into classic/custom rides.check this out:

    53rd Annual Darryl Starbird's Rod and Custom Car Show
    February 17,18,19, 2017
    River Spirit Center Fairgrounds
    Tulsa, OK.

    i should be around by then but dangit,i hate Tulsa lol.might make an exception for this though.
    1. FORDF250HDXLT
      oh man.look at the description!


      Over 1,000 automobiles and crazy creations on display creating the largest car show in the midwest!

      it's like $25 a ticket temping though.:D
      Dec 24, 2016
  13. Kolt
    Anyone running a 205 cc moose pump on a 6.9
    FORDF250HDXLT Halfpint
    nice new avatar.
  15. Mikey89014